Bad Case Of Blue Balls

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Description “Even though she has not been his stepmom for long, London Rivers has been making a huge effort to get closer to her stepson..Medical experts reveal the scientific explanation behind “blue balls. We dug up one case report published in the journal Pediatrics back in 2000, ended up in the ER with severe scrotal pain after “messing around” with his .A slang term, not a medical term, “blue balls” refers to the pain a man feels in his Though it has been known to cause severe and highly obnoxious Whatever the case, a man ‘s testicles should never actually turn a color..Blue balls is the colloquial term for testicles that ache after sexual arousal does not result in orgasm. Epididymal hypertension is not dangerous, and any pain should pass once a person has an orgasm or stops feeling aroused..WORST CASE OF BLUE BALLS EVER! in a nice pirate tavern and i tell you about my embarrassing, awkward or just plain bad luck life..In 2007 I had a bad case of blue balls. It ‘d been 5 months since i ‘d gotten some and I was ready to bust. I went to the Fresco on 7th because i .

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